Gold Bond

Design Director
For All Your Skins.

The word skin is often used as a singular term. But skin has a plurality of needs, each one different depending on where, when or what you’re doing.

By introducing a simple shift from skin to skins, we helped change the way people think about their skin, positioning Gold Bond as the only brand formulated to nourish all your skins, no matter what
state they’re in.

Using a unique Design System — one with mixed typefaces, an essential color palette and a new formula visualization — we pushed Gold Bond beyond its comfort zone, pivoting the original brand identity to a cleaner, more modern look.

Every Gold Bond product is scientifically formulated for unique skin types, so we set out to visually capture them all. Representing and celebrating not just healthy skin, but also reflecting the beauty and reality of bumpy, cracked, dry, and damaged skins as well, a first for the category.