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Over the past few months, CoorDown has been asking people with Down syndrome and their families, what excuses they have heard for being excluded from education, sports, jobs, and other opportunities.

Some of these excuses were so unbelievably ridiculous that they deserved to be brought to life and properly celebrated with a film.

Have a look at RIDICULOUS EXCUSES NOT TO BE INCLUSIVE, our global campaign for World Down Syndrome Day.

And find more #RidiculousExcuses on TikTok, our valued media partner for this year’s initiative.

- The Film -

We launched our film on TikTok and asked users
to share the excuses they had heard.

- The Case Study -

- Results -

Altogether, through comments and videos, people shared more than 3,000 ridiculous excuses.
The official hashtag #ridiculousexcuses reached 60 million views in 10 days.

A week after the launch, the campaign even made it to the UN headquarters in New York
where it was showcased for
World Down Syndrome Day.

- Lock Up Design -

To create a sense of contrast with the sad truth behind the ”Ridiculous Excuses” we make
an extensive
typographic research to understand which style would express better the meaning of each word.

The word
‘Ridiculous’ had to be quirky without losing readability. Excuses’ are sophisticated because they are meant to sound the truth, but obviously they are not. So we picked an elaborate good looking typeface, like an old fashion excuse. ‘Not To Be’ had one job only, and it was to fit in the whole lockup without taking too much attention, still being very readable. Well, ‘Inclusive’ was the most important piece of the composition, so we build it as the structure of the whole lock-up, using a solid round-corner san-serif, gentle and bold.

After finding the role of each word, we did explore differents visual territories like

Comedy Club Signs, Late Night Show intro titles and TikTok Stickers
until we find the perfect balance from the different typefaces.

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